9 Viral Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Your Business

The good news is that viral marketing is a Fusion Marketing strategy that can help you grow your business tremendously. The not-so-good news is that it is quite hard to make viral marketing work effectively. You need to have a combination of impeccable execution,Guest Posting luck, and timing. Many companies have tried viral marketing and only a few have succeeded in a big way. However, even those that are not big winners can often viral marketing and how to craft contagious content create positive outcomes. Therefore, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by trying viral marketing.

If the words viral marketing conjure up images of diseases or computer bugs, there is good reason. In his book Media Virus, Douglas Rushkoff used the disease analogy as follows: The assumption is that if such an advertisement reaches a “susceptible” user, that user will become “infected” (i.e., accept the idea) and will then go on to share the idea with others, “infecting them,” in the viral analogy’s terms.

6 Characteristics of Viral Marketing Campaigns

1. They are self-perpetuating.

2. They are timely and relevant.

3. They allow for easy forwarding of the message.

4. They have messages that are clear and intuitive.

5. They are interactive.

6. They can quickly scale from small to large campaigns.

9 Viral Marketing Strategies

One of the great things about viral marketing is that its results can be exponential. For example, direct marketing can be somewhat predictable based on response statistics—you know that adding X amount of dollars in marketing expenses generates Y dollars in revenue. However, putting the same amount of dollars into a viral marketing campaign could generate Y dollars, YY dollars, or YYY dollars. It is a beautiful thing when you can make it happen, and this is why viral marketing is a strategy that can accelerate your business success. Here are nine strategies you can try for your company.